I stared at this screen for a long time trying to think of what I loved best about you, but found I was unable to choose just one thing. So here it is.

1. I love that you plan for a future. Terribly pessimistic myself, I find that around you, I too, see a future. One where we move out, live together, cook for one another - and of a night, sleep beside one another, hopelessly entwined around each other. A future you have created.

2. I love the way you make me laugh. Small things, big things, funny things, self deprecating things - I laugh incessantly, loudly, and without inhibition. So much so the people around me notice.

3. I love sex with you. Previously, I was inexperienced, self-conscious, reserved; never aroused enough to get wet. With you I am a different person -  a soul enveloped in skin, which, when you kiss me, is felt right down to my toes. I never understood, never liked, the term ‘making love’ before you. But with you I pour myself into you and you into me, our souls knit, our hearts synchronised. God, the small groan when you first enter me; I am paralysed with love. Your hands travel all over my body, tracing road maps, places to visit, points of interest. You are never-ending; you are mine.

4. I love the way you are so willing to tell me you love me. Not only did you say it first - I am a coward, I admit, cowering before the fear of rejection - but you continuously remind me. I cannot even describe the sensations I am victim to when, midway through making love, you stop and cradle my face. "I love you so much," you say, pausing in your enjoyment to ensure I am still receiving the love you are so ardently trying to communicate.

5. Kisses on the forehead. So simple, so benign, almost platonic - but with you, they are comforting, erotic, beautiful.

6. The way you aren’t afraid to grab me, throw me across the bed, pin me down. “Tell me what you want,” you beg, “tell me what you like.” It is summer and you are dragging me into the ocean, a hot night and you are crushing me against a wall in your fervour, a chilly morning and you are squeezing the breath out of me as you wake in an effort to warm my cold toes.

7. You never make me feel worthless, something I am unaccustomed to. Previously having my clothes and behaviour dictated, being blamed for any and all men who hit on me - you are so wonderfully different and I adore you for it. You let me wear what I want, comfort me when I panic about being too slutty or too drunk - my anxiety unfounded as you whisper that I look beautiful no matter what I wear. That you know I have eyes only for you, hands designed to roam your body, a figure that fits to yours like a jigsaw puzzle. You give me freedom.

8. You. I love you. Your mind, your voice, your body, your soul, your determination, your ambition, your dedication, your generosity. Your love for me, scary as it is. You dominate my consciousness, my dreams, my thoughts - and yet I would have it no other way.